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Let us help you discover the top keyword research tools on the market. Read our reviews, find more keywords, and boost your online pay per click sales.


KeywordSpy #1

The "rolls royce" of keyword tools--provides all the pay per click keywords and the exact ads your competitors are using in their PPC campaigns, along with all the organic (SEO) keywords they are ranking for in the search engines.

Wordze #2

Feature rich keyword tool. Huge database of keywords makes it easy to discover and group keyword themes.

KeyCompete #3

Discover competitor keywords, track new ppc keywords added by competitors, download full competitor keyword lists.


Our partnerships give you free credits for Internet advertising and marketing tools to promote your business website.


Spy on your online competitors, download their keyword lists, download their ad copy, discover how much your competitors spend on PPC.

Keywords Analyzer

The "all in 1" keyword tool that generates thousands of keywords in minutes.
Affiliate Elite

Affiliate Elite

Spy on the competition and see exactly which keywords and websites an affiliate owns.


Incorporates several keyword databases into 1 tool.

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