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Overview:  Flexible keyword research with lots of functionality for searching, stemming, and grouping keywords. One of the top keyword tools on the market.

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Rating:    Very Good
  • API access for quick keyword research.
  • Daily, Weekly, and Monthly search trends. See how a keyword is performing on any given day, week, or month.
  • "Keyword Digger" function gives thousands of related terms, both deep and broad, which can expand your keyword list significantly.
  • Flexible stemming using (-), (+), and (^), allow flexibility in researching keywords.

Wordze’s motto is the “King of Keywords.” This is quite a claim, but I decided to put it to the test, slap down $39/month for a membership, and see if it’s worth it’s weight.

This keyword tool surprised me in many ways. After you log in, I noticed that Wordze is comprised of 12 keyword research functions:

The basic keyword research tool is flexible. I can search by “Exact Match”, “Broad Match” or “Any Match” or use the ^ (carrot) to find related or stem words. This opens the door to find a lot more keywords in a niche, and is one of the features that stands out.

You can research “Historical Keyword Trends”. I’m not sure where they compile this data from. It’s somewhat useful, but not any better than Google Trends.

The “Research Keyword Market Competition” shows the link growth for the top 10 domains in the natural search results. Since link building is so important to search engine optimization, figuring out how many links per month each domain is building is somewhat useful. 

They also provide a “WordRank Index” which is a scale of 0 to 1 on how hard it would be to rank a domain in the top 10 for a particular search query. This takes into account backlinks and other SEO factors. It’s an interesting tool, but not really that great if you are already using SEO for Firefox.

The “Search Engine Digger” is very valuable, and probably the best feature. The Digger grabs the top 10,000 results in natural search for a keyword phrase, and then returns all sorts of related phrases taken from the website’s content and title tags. 

The Digger allows you to go both “broad” and “deep” with your keyword research, and finds all sorts of keyword phrases you might not have thought of before. The downside is that it takes 5-10 minutes to complete, but it’s worth the wait.

Wordze also offers a few basic features like finding the most popular ways a keyword is misspelled (good for putting these keywords into an Ad Group) and a thesaurus. Not anything earth shattering, but still useful.

The Wordze API is pretty powerful. Here are several PHP scripts that use the Wordze API to automate the keyword research process (like automatically grab the top 10,000 terms from Wordze for any given keyword phrase). It makes it very quick for me to do keyword research.

I’ve been paying the $39/month subscription fee for the last 3 months. The support service is good. If you sign up, you probably won’t use a lot of the features that Wordze offers, but overall the Keyword Digger Tool and the Keyword Research Tool are worth the price. 

With Wordze, I usually find a lot of profitable keywords to add to my campaigns, so for me, that’s worth the $39/month subscription.

I use the WordZe API along with the free keyword tool GTrends to grab the Wordze data along with Google's own search volume estimates. Works great.


"Wordze yields fantastic long-tail keywords, some of which stretch out up to 11 words long! This is something a lot of keyword tools don’t work well on, and longtail keywords are usually the most valuable in the long run!"
Tyler Cruz,

"This service has some great features that will allow you to do some really sneaky research on your competitors."
- Egol,

Platform: Browser / Website
  • Single Day Trial ($7.95)
  • Monthly Subscription ($35/Month)
Learn More: Visit the WordZe Website 

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