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Overview:  The original keyword research tool offers flexible search options and a comprehensive database of 300 million terms.

You can easily produce a list targeted niche keywords along with the competition and number of times each term is searched for over the last 48 hours.

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  • Keyword Baskets - Store up to 5000 keywords in each basket.
  • Multiple Projects - Work on any number of keyword research tasks.
  • Multiple Ways to Search - Find all the relevant keywords with flexible search functionality.
  • Lateral Search - Find hundreds of related keywords using one generic search term.

WordTracker was one of the first keyword tools I’ve ever used and continues to dominate the keyword research landscape.   Its easy to use design allows users to quickly find relevant keywords for both search engine optimization and pay per click campaigns.

Wordtracker’s Keyword Universe is at the core of its technology.  It allows you to perform a lateral search using the WordTracker database consisting of the Metacrawler and Dogpile search engines.  These two meta search engines contain 300 million search terms, which is an adequate playground for any keyword researcher.

Along with the Wordtracker database, it also scours the web and grabs the meta keywords and description tags from related websites.  

Once the compilation is complete, you can dig deeper into the results to get a better idea of the “Count”, or how many times the search term appears in the Wordtracker database, and the “Predict”, which is an estimate of the total number of searches performed for the keyword for all search engines in a single day.

The “Top 1000 Long Term Report” shows what people are searching for over the past few months.  The “Short Term Report” provides similar data over the last 48 hours.  I use this data to spot emerging trends, and often set up affiliate sites based on popular keywords with little competition.

WordTracker is an excellent solution for quick and easy to use keyword research.  If you are looking for a good foundation for your search engine optimization campaigns or a seed list for your PPC campaigns, this is the tool for you. 

If you are an advanced pay per click marketer, you should check out KeyCompete, which provides more long tail results as well as your competitor’s keyword lists.

Free WordTracker trial is available here:

Recently, WordTracker opened up it’s database and is now offering users a free way to search the top 100 keywords in any niche:


One of my favorite tools as an affiliate is WordTracker. I’ve been a longtime subscriber, because it helps me to optimize my sites by identifying the most popular keywords for a given niche.
Shawn Collins,

Platform: Web Based
  • One Week Subscription($30)
  • One Month Subscription ($59)
  • One Year Subscription ($299)
Learn More: Visit the WordTracker Website 



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