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What is the Value of Keyword Research?

Just how important are keywords?  Quite simply, they will be the foundation of your success or your failure on the internet.
You may have a fantastic business and great product, but unless your marketing is effectively targeting the people who are searching for what you sell, you will not achieve success.

Even if your keywords are generally targeted and appear on your website and are used in your pay per click campaigns, you may still fail.  The reason is you must know both the keywords that are important, and also the competitive landscape--such as how your competition is using the keywords, how many people are searching using the keyword each day, and other relevant factors.

Therefore, keyword research has become quite an art form.  Any successful search marketer has a good grasp of the basics, but as the internet becomes more competitive, it’s increasingly important to outwit and outsmart your online competition. 

For example, if you knew which keywords most often converted into a sale, you could focus your internet marketing on those keywords.  Or if you knew how many times a keyword was search for, you can know how to allocate your time. 

These are just basic examples of how keyword research can shape your online marketing strategy..

How about if you knew all the keywords that your competition is using in their pay per click campaigns (Check out my review of Keycompete)?  Would this help you?  Of course it would.  You could not only identify important keywords which your competition may have discovered, you could also understand the scale and sophistication of your competitors.

Developing a successful marketing campaign is an ongoing process which takes a lot of time and often times a significant amount of capital.

There are many keyword tools that have been developed to help you, but unfortunately many of these tools cost a lot and do not offer enough value to support the price tag. 

This website was developed to help you identify the best keyword tools on the market. 

You may want to check out our keyword tool comparison chart.
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