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Keyword Tool Resources

Keyword Research Tools

Google Adwords: Keyword Tool - This tool provides related keywords, an approximation of the search volume, and the amount of competition for each keyword.

You can also use the "site-related keywords" tab to extract keywords from any website. I often use this tool to build my seed list of keywords, and use other tools to expand the list even further.

Easily export to a spreadsheet by scrolling down and choosing "download all keywords".

Word Tracker Free Keywords Tool - Free tool from Word Tracker that shows the most popular searches for any keyword along with the search volume.

Free Keyword Research - Another free tool that provides extensive research into any topic. We host this tool on our website, however credit goes to Aaron Wall of

Good Keywords - Free software tool that provides misspellings and keyword suggestions among other features.

Overture Keywords - Somewhat outdated, yet still useful keyword search tool provided by Overture that shows estimated search volume.

DigitalPoint Keyword Suggestion - Another keyword suggestion tool.

Keyword Trends

Microsoft Keyword Forecast - Research any keyword's demographic information, such as the age and gender distribution. Also provides keyword search volume and trend from the past year.

Keyword Report - Useful tool that shows compiles data from various sources to give you a good idea of the PPC cost of any keyword, along with demographic information from Microsoft. Good tool for Adsense publishers to research keyword markets.

PPC Tools

Keyword Builder - Time saving tool that allows you to easily build your PPC campaigns online.

Mobile Marketing Tools

LeadsMob - Mobile marketing platform for scheduling sms & email messages. Provides sending sms api gateway & more.

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