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OverviewAccess multiple keyword data sources in one place to compile and analyze keywords.

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Rating:    Poor
  • "Keyword Buckets" for easy keyword grouping.
  • Integrates with Keyword Discovery & WordTracker.
  • NicheBOT uses Keyword Discovery & WordTracker database, so you can use this service without purchasing subscriptions to the other services, but you still have to pay for credits.

NicheBot has got to be THE WORST keyword research tool available. They have the nerve to make you pay for “credits” for each search you do. They would completely milk me dry if I actually wanted to use their service for keyword research.

The tools they offer are complete junk. An “ROI Calculator”? “Keyword Density Analyzer?” “Keyword List Cleaner”.. Oh yeah, the Thesaurus is just pulled from WordTracker.

The keyword data comes from the API’s of other tools such as Keyword Discovery & WordTracker. 

They allow you to put your keywords into “buckets.” Mmm.. Fun.

So enough of the sarcasm… Oh, actually.. let me show you the price list so we can laugh together:

200 Credits - $9
350 Credits - $49
500 Credits - $70
1000 Credits $135
2000 Credits $260

Basic keyword searches take up to 1 credit.

Check out my review of KeyCompete, Wordze, Keyword Discovery or WordTracker for a real keyword research service.


"Very practical resource hub for keyword/search phrase research."
- Pole Position Marketing

Platform: Browser / Website
Cost: Each keyword search uses between 0.1 and 1 credit.
  • 15 Credits  -  ($1)
  • 200 Credits - ($29)
Learn More: Visit the NicheBOT Website 



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