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Overview:  Download the actual keywords your competitors are using in their PPC campaigns, along with all their ads and organic (SEO) keywords. Includes advanced niche research functionality. Very easy to use and highly accurate results.

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Rating:    Excellent
  • Downloadable PPC and Organic keyword information at your fingertips.
  • Accurate affiliate keywords from 9 largest affiliate networks.
  • Wide-ranging keyword performance overtime through Time Machine information.
  • Deeper domain tracking through specified keywords, search engines and countries.
  • Web-based keyword storing and monitoring.
  • Comprehensive reports through daily system update and alerts.
  • Extensive PPC and Organic data mining.

Iíve decided to go public about

Iíve waited nearly 9-months to publish this review on my site because I simply did not want anyone to know about this keyword research tool which has revolutionized my affiliate business.

Basically, KeywordSpy is everything youíve ever wanted in a keyword tool. Not only does it provide you with all your competitorís keywords which you can download instantly, it also gives you their SEO keywords (which work great to add to your PPC campaigns), all the ads they are split testing, and tons of other data to analyze any market.

Thereís no doubt that KeywordSpy has 4x my affiliate revenue.

Before I go into a market, I simply type in a keyword such as ďringtonesĒ and download all my competitorís PPC & organic keywords. I then combine them into 1 huge list using the free tool TXTCollector.

Keyword Spy completely destroys other competitive intelligence tools such as KeyCompete or SpyFu, because it actually provides accurate data!

Iím not going to try to convince you to buy this tool. All I can say is watch the video on the top right hand of this page. If you donít see the value of investing $90/month for a tool that will exponentially grow your business, than you should quit now, turn off your computer and go home :)


"The first time I used KeywordSpy I felt like I had been let in on a MASSIVE something so powerful and unique!..."

"KeywordSpy is the tool I was waiting to come along. I have tracked how it keeps on adding new valuable features every now and then, and the folks behind it are always hard at work, you cannot go wrong, unless you donít own it."

Platform: Browser / Website
  • Monthly Subscription ($89/Month)
Bonus Offer: Buy KeywordSpy At Regular Price & Receive the KeywordSpy Masters Course® Free! 
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