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Keywords Analyzer

Overview:  Generate 10,000+ keywords in any niche in under 10 minutes.

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Rating:    Fair
  • "Keywords Analyzer" feature mines relevant keyword data from Google, Yahoo, Enhance & Miva.
  • KEI Analysis (Shows the search volume versus the # of competitors in any niche).
  • Integrated SEO feature for analyzing the top ranked domains in natural search.
  • Arbitrage tool highlights the difference in PPC cost to Adsense profits for each keyword.
  • View the text ads of any PPC advertiser on Google, Yahoo, MSN, Miva or Enhance.
  • Integrates with Wordtracker & Keyword Discovery.
  • Lifetime Upgrades

Keywords Analyzer SEO Pro is a keyword research tool I purchased 2 years ago. It was one of the first keyword tools on the market, and every time I load it up there’s another update (it comes with lifetime updates).

The program is a desktop application which appears to get most of its data from the Overture keyword research tool. It can also scrape the ads from Google, Yahoo Search Marketing, MSN, Miva & Enhance – which is great if you want to write PPC ads and need to quickly see all the ads currently running.

It has a lot of SEO information, which allows you to see stuff like keyword density and keyword anchor text for the domains listed in natural search. More or less basic stuff, and I’m not really that impressed with the SEO features.

There are a few places that Keywords Analyzer excels. The first is it’s nifty “brainstorming” feature, which randomly grabs keywords and then checks to see how many PPC ads are running for the keyword phrase.

The reason you might do this is to see if there’s any unexplored niches with low competition. For example, I just did a brainstorming search and I got the words “footstool, desk fan, megaphone, chanel no 5, bottle opener, etc”. So if you are an affiliate and want to brainstorm niches, this is a good feature for you.

The keyword research function itself is pretty good. As I mentioned above, it seems to take the Overture keyword database and then do a recursive lookup to gather more and more keywords. I sometimes run this tool and come back in 5 minutes to a list of 30,000+ keywords.

This is a great tool to add to your arsenal.


" Keywords Analyzer is a thoroughly useful piece of software and reasonably priced."
- Steve Pronger,

" Keywords Analyzer gives you instant access at the touch of a button to a huge array of databases, which will save you an enormous amount of time and tedious gruntwork."
- Bryan Todd,

Platform: Windows Software
  • $97
Learn More: Visit the Keywords Analyzer Website 



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