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How Do I Know Which Keywords Will Work?

Once you’ve generated your seed list of keywords, you now must try to figure out what keywords will produce the best results.  This is often a difficult task, even for the most advanced search marketer.

There are a few fundamental aspects to successful keyword research:

Focus on your most important key phrases.  You probably already know which keywords are your primary terms.  These terms directly relate to your business.  Of course, you may have several dozen of these “primary” keywords, which is fine.  But make sure you spend most of your time focusing on the keywords most important to your business.

These terms will often be easier to rank for in the search engines, because most people will naturally use these keywords to link to your business (that is, if you develop content that is good enough to link to, which is a different topic).

Develop all your campaigns around these primary keywords.  It’s important to go after the “head” which will likely account for 80% or more of the keyword search volume in any industry.  Once you’ve attacked these keywords by blogging about them, incorporating them into your articles on your website, and added them to your pay per click campaigns, you are ready to move on to the “second tier” keywords.

Focus on highly targeted, but less searched for keywords.  After you’ve incorporated the “head” keywords, it’s time to go after a bite of that long-tail you’ve heard so much about. 

The long-tail refers to those keywords that are not used as often, but are still highly relevant for your business.  For example, “pay per click research tools” is probably only searched for a few times a month, but that keyword is highly relevant to my website. 

There are numerous benefits to targeting the long-tail, such as lower competition and lower bid prices in PPC. 

Finding these long-tail keywords can be challenging, but with enough practice you’ll soon learn to identify the keywords that are worth targeting.  Many of the keyword tools I review on this site provide some estimate of the number of searches per day.  This data will be helpful for deciding which long-tail keywords to target.  Is it worth the time to write an article on a 5 word long tail keyword?  Probably not, unless you have a good feeling this keyword will result in a conversion.

Dig Deeper for Keywords.  The most valuable keywords are the keywords that are highly relevant, convert often, and have low competition.  Knowing this, there are certain keywords that seem to always fall into this category.  For example, adding the word “buy” or “purchase” to any keyword phrase that relates to your business, usually produces a great return on investment.

Other keywords could be the names of your competition, or the domain names of your competition.  For example, many people may type in “” into the Google search box, instead of the URL box.  Therefore, my competition may choose to add this to his keyword list for PPC and also add this keyword to an article on his website or blog.

This strategy works well especially if your competition sells a product.  Most people who type in the domain name or brand name usually have some level of interest and intent on purchasing.

Another example of a keyword that meets the three qualifications I mentioned above are model numbers.  If you sell a camera, you want to target specific model number of cameras, since people who type the model number generally know exactly what they are looking for.

These examples are just a small sample of the types of keywords you may want to target.  There are hundreds of relevant keywords that you may not have added to your campaign. 

The best way to discover these keywords is by using one of the keyword research tools I review on this site. 
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