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What Is Keyword Research?

If you are marketing on the internet, you need to know what words people are using in their searches.  Without knowing the most popular words in your industry, you cannot effectively target the people who are searching for what you sell.

Once you find the keywords that are relevant to your industry or niche, you can use these keywords on your website to attract natural search engine traffic. You can also use these keywords in your pay per click advertising campaigns on Google, Yahoo, or MSN.

However, knowing the keywords is only half of the battle.  You still need to know how often each keyword is searched for, as well as how the competitive landscape for each key phrase.

For example, for this website, I understood that some people may type in “keyword research” – so I incorporated this keyword phrase into my website.  However, after I brainstormed the first set of keywords, it was difficult to think of any more.

So I headed over to my favorite keyword research tool, KeyCompete.  I logged in and download the keyword lists of all my competitors.  Since they already took the time to manually go through and find related keywords in my niche, I simply downloaded their keywords into a folder on my computer. I then integrated these keywords into my website’s articles, as well as added these keywords into my pay per click campaigns.

There are many keyword tools on the market today, and many of them are good at some areas but lack at other areas.  Most of the tools will give you a good idea of the keywords in your niche, but if you want to download your competitor’s keywords, there are only a few tools on the market that will do this (check out KeyCompete, or SpyFu).

If you want to find the right keywords for search engine optimization, WordTracker would be your best solution, since it’s an easy to use tool that provides accurate estimates of the number of times each keyword is searched for over the last 48 hours.

Once you’ve identified which keywords you will use for your marketing campaigns, you need to effectively use them.  For this website, we are mostly focusing on the first stage of keyword research, which is finding the keywords.  If you want additional help, feel free to contact me at and I’ll be happy to answer any question's you may have.
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