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Overview:  Download the actual keywords your competitors are using in their pay per click campaigns.

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Rating:    Very Good
  • Database contains 130 million keywords and websites.
  • 1-Click Download of competitor keywords.
  • "Watch Report" shows which keywords your competitor's are adding or removing to their campaign on a daily basis.
  • "Long Tail Keyword Report" gives a large list of keywords in any niche.
  • Keyword search volume provided for every keyword.
  • Shows the advertising exposure of any domain.

KeyCompete claims to be “an online keyword research tool that identifies the keywords your competitors are using in their pay-per-click campaigns.”

When I first read this on their sales page, I thought it was very interesting, but I was not really convinced that it was possible. I searched through message boards and forums for “keycompete” and found a blog post by super-affiliate Jeremy Shoemaker of where he posted several keyword lists generated from Keycompete.

This intrigued me, and I ended up signing up for a 1-day trial, which was $19.95. I thought it was a little steep, but it was worth the investment if KeyCompete actually did what it claimed.

I paid using Paypal, logged in, and noticed there was a search box where you can type either a domain name or a keyword. I did a search for a few of my own websites that I advertised using PPC, and KeyCompete actually gave me about 90% of the actual keywords I was using.

This impressed me a lot. I did a few more searches to see what Google was advertising on and it returned a list of a few thousand keywords. 

KeyCompete has a simple “download” button where you can download any keyword list within 2 clicks. I ended up downloading a few hundred keyword lists the first day I signed up.

The next day I figured it was worth it, so I bought the year subscription for $299 (this was in 2006). This was a little steep, but since I do so much PPC marketing, I knew I had stumbled upon a gem. 

Over the next few weeks, I used KeyCompete non-stop, downloading hundreds of keyword lists in all sorts of niches. What I usually do is grab the keyword list of the top 25 competitors in a niche, combine them using the TXTcollector tool, and then edit the huge list of keywords manually (to weed out any keywords that I feel might not work).

I can basically take this keyword list and start using it immediately in my campaigns. Sometimes I even generate keyword lists of 10,000+ from KeyCompete and then just import them into Adwords Editor, and using the Keyword Grouper function, separate them all into highly niche Ad Groups. I create a few ads, and have a complete campaign ready to upload to Adwords in about 30 minutes or less.

When Keycompete first came out, I kept it a secret because it was so valuable and they didn’t seem to market themselves very well. But over the past year, they’ve gained a lot of exposure because a lot of the top super-affiliates have blogged about the tool. 

Also, there’s some pretty cool functions available besides the basic search feature. The “Long-Tail” feature gives you a whole list of targeted keywords for any competitor. It basically combines and groups the niche keywords in various ways to produce this list.

The second feature I enjoy is the “watch list.” What this does is keep a watch for what keywords a competitor is adding or removing from their PPC campaign list. KeyCompete tracks the keywords on Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing & Microsoft AdCenter.

I highly recommend KeyCompete because no other tool saves me so much time and effort. The price is steep, but well worth it if you want to successful with PPC. In fact, I just renewed my yearly membership to KeyCompete a few weeks ago.

Quotes: "KeyCompete is a revolutionary competitive research and keyword generation tool"
- Kris Jones, President & CEO of PepperJAM.
Platform: Browser / Website
  • 1 Day Trial ($19.00)
  • Monthly Subscription ($39.00)
  • Annual Subscription ($299.00)
  • Annual Subscription + 1k Queries ($499.00)
Learn More: Visit the KeyCompete Website 



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