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What Keyword Research Tool Is Best?

There are plenty of excellent keyword research tools on the market.  Yet there are a few that are considerably better than the others. 

Specifically, KeyCompete, Wordze & WordTracker have my vote as the top keyword tools on the market.

Each of the tools I just mentioned has different features.  For example, KeyCompete provides the pay per click keyword list of your competitors. 

This is beneficial because it saves a lot of time.  Your competitors probably have above average intelligence—so why not let them do the keyword research for you, and you simply download their keyword list?

Wordze has similar functionality to WordTracker.  They both provide an ample number of keywords along with the search volume for each keyword.  Although, I give my vote to Wordze because it’s flexible search options make it easier to compile keywords into themes. 

Keywords Analyzer is useful for their long-tail keyword reports, which can often generate thousands of mostly useful keywords.  The problem is that these long-tail reports can lead us to focus on the long-tail instead of the head of search, which is where most of the search traffic is located.

WordTracker is the most widely used keyword tool because of its simplicity.  You can log in, click on their Keyword Universe tab, type in a generic keyword, and get hundreds of keywords along with the predicted search volume over the last 48 hours and a profile of the competitive landscape. 

Many of the keyword tools have short-term trials that allow you to use all the features for a limited time period.  If you like the tool, you can subscribe to the keyword service on a monthly basis. 

I suggest you read over the reviews on this site, then try the tools out for yourself and see which works for you.  If you have any questions or need assistance selecting the right one for you, feel free to email me (my email is on the About page).
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