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Affiliate Elite

Overview:  Grab the keywords and the ads that any competitor is using in their marketing--see how much they are spending per keyword and per day.

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Rating:    Fair
  • Instantly grab all the keywords any competitor is using, along with the cost per click data.
  • Download every ad the competition is using and easily export all ads to Excel.
  • Monitor PPC ad changes in real time.
  • See which keywords are actually making people money.

Affiliate Elite is a full-featured software for researching and dominating any niche.  The tool provides a lot of functionality for researching competitor keywords and ads, and also allows you to do competitive research on other affiliates to see exactly which websites they own.

If we select the “Reverse Google Search”, we can see each keyword the competition is using in their Pay Per Click ads.  The software is fast.  It instantly downloads all their keywords in seconds.

I also like how it shows the average position of their ads, the actual cost per click they are spending, and the cost per day of each keyword.  If you scroll over to the right, you can see all the ad title, description, and destination URL of each of their ads. 

Next, I like to “Analyze Adwords Competition”..

With this tool, I can enter the keywords I want to monitor, and the software will automatically scrape Google every hour and tell me in real-time what ads are running, what position they are in, and a bunch of other data.  I use this to keep a close eye on the competition.

There are quite a lot of other features such as finding all the websites any super-affiliate owns. 

Affiliate Elite makes easy to research and dominate any PPC niche.  Although it’s expensive, it provides a lot of value.
Quotes: "An amazing but dangerous tool. This will be one of my regular tools I use every week.""
- Andrew Fox,
Platform: Software
  • $176 & then $39/Month thereafter
Learn More: Visit the Affiliate Elite Website 



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